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Food Wanderlust

Groningen Hotspot | Eten bij De Oude Gasfabriek

Iets wat ik onwijs leuk vind om te doen is nieuwe hotspots ontdekken, helemaal in mijn favoriete stad en hometown Groningen! Via Dagpas mocht ik samen met een vriendin eten bij Grand café en restaurant De Oude Gasfabriek in Groningen. En daar vertel ik…

1 juni 2017
chocolate banana bread

Happy Prepping | Chocolate Banana Bread

A busy life and having a healthy lifestyle? Rens Kroes shows us in her latest book On the go how you can prepare healthy lunches and snacks to take with you for the day. I am really into meal prepping lately and I love…

2 november 2016

Delicious Blueberry Chocolate Autumn Smoothie

One thing I love about having a blender is that you can make smoothies by mixing random ingredients that you have but don't know what to do with them, and not knowing if it will taste good once you've put them all together. That…

10 oktober 2016